This machine is widely used in PET, PVC, IMD ,transfer paper (film), floor heating film, geothermal film, electrothermal film, color paper, film, name plate, flexible circuit board, mobile phone keys, 3 m glue, glue, film switch, trademark laser, scratch CARDS, self-adhesive stickers, paper, aluminum foil and copper foil this roll material silk screen printing.


① Multi-color automatic tracking alignment, Japan Mitsubishi PLC + Germany SK color mark sensor control system alignment, color registration is accurate and stable.

② The suction head is used for pulling the material, and the pulling force is uniform. It can solve the deviation of the material from side to side when pulling the material, effectively reduce the material scratches, eliminate the edge damage caused by the pressure roller to the material, and make the overprinting of aluminum foil and other deformable materials more accurate.

③ Automatic calculation of printing, automatic shutdown alarm when the set number is reached.

④ With automatic shutdown alarm for no material and machine failure.

⑤ The blade movement is driven by a Japanese servo motor. The ink return is the same. The printing position and speed can be independently set independently. The ink return is uniform, the printing is shifted, the printing is consistent, and the color difference and missing dots are not easy to appear.

⑥ Equipped with automatic dust removal function, which can remove the dust on printed matter and effectively improve the qualification rate of products.

⑦With off-screen function, the screen will follow the squeegee to remove the printed matter during printing, and the fine-printed dots will be cleared during fast operation.

⑧The machine is equipped with manual / automatic suction function, the suction strength can be adjusted.